My Trip to Cagayan De Oro - Camiguin - Bukidnon

7/14/2013 08:38:00 PM

Hi there!
It's been ages. Yes, I am a slacker. Summer in the Philippines is over and rainy season is here and I didn't have a single post of my summer getaways. :(
So, here are some of the memories I had from our trip to Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, and Camiguin. To anyone who's not too familiar with geography, (like me!) these are located in Mindanao.
Please do visit our country, I was amazed at how beautiful these provinces are.

Warning: Photo heavy.

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Here's a photo on our way to CDO (Cagayan de Oro).
I brought my Wreck This Journal and was able to finish a page on our plane ride.

Mom, big sis and me in Camiguin.

This is me wearing the retro swimmies I bought online (owned by my lovely cousin)
Buy it here: Unltd Collections.

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Love the wide sandbar of Camiguin Island.
The famous cross of the Sunken Cemetery.

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Had fun interacting with this ostrich at the farm.

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Braved the longest dual zip line in Asia (I was alone!) and Dropzone a 120ft free fall pendulum swing adventure at Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon. Whew!

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Even my mom enjoyed the ride!

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After our Bukidnon adventure, we headed back to CDO and stayed at this compact hotel, Travelers Pod, which I liked a lot. Perfect for overnight stays, very clean, nicely situated and budget-friendly.
The next day, I woke up early for our white water rafting adventure in CDO.

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The whole trip was so fun, if only everyday is like a vacation. Haha Oh, and a trip wouldn't be an adventure if nothing unexpected happened. Guess what? Our flight back to Manila was cancelled and we ended up staying in CDO for one more night. What a jinx! Good thing our accomodations,
airport transfers and food were shouldered by Cebu Pacific.
And we were given complimentary plane ride to any local destination! 

Till next time.

- V -

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