Hair Dye DIY Obsession

11/04/2013 01:57:00 AM

Unicorns, cotton candy, mermaids and every little girl's treasures.
I admit I am addicted in dyeing my hair in almost every color. <3 Good thing is my boyfriend is such a darling and never questions my weird obsession. I support everything DIY. To achieve these hair colors, I bleach my own hair and dye it with semi-permanent hair dyes (DIY post soon). Yes, bleaching DOES DAMAGE your hair. No need to sugar-coat on that, but there are ways to bring it back to life.
You just need to be patient. (Here are my hair care essentials for bleach blonde hair.)

Here are some of the colors I've tried on my hair.

Dip Dyed Hot Hot Pink
Oh, and the blonde underneath is more of an orange than yellow, hence it's more red than pink.

My Little Pony Inspired Hair
(Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Punky Colours Turquoise)

Manic panic purple haze hair of Vannessa Pinlac
Purple Hair
One of my favorite colors but I have to warn you though, the color does not pay off well if you don't have a pale blonde hair. Mine had a slightly brown tint when I dyed my hair in this color.

flower crown
This is the base for my purple hair pictured above.

pink dipdye hair of Vannessa Pinlac
Went dip dye pink again but this time with blonde hair.

Pale blonde hair of Vannessa Pinlac
And because I wanted to achieve pastel colors soon, I re-bleached my hair to pale blonde.

Barbie pink hair of Vannessa Pinlac
Lastly, my current hair color.
Barbie Pink hair. <3
(Punky Colours Flamingo Pink)

I'm still thinking of my next hair color, maybe pastel turquoise or maybe red. I don't know, it really depends on how I feel on the day I decide to dye my hair again. What I'm sure of, is that there's always something to be inspired of.

Till next time.

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