What's Inside My Closet?

3/08/2017 08:25:00 PM

Yes, I was a 90's kid. I remember wearing high top sneakers, denim overalls, loose shirts, chokers, plaid skirts, and those slip dress over the shirt? - heck, I even wore that on my 9th birthday party! So, I couldn't be any happier that the 90's fashion is back! And yes, now I can wear those brown lipstick shades I was secretly wishing to wear as a kid. hahaha

This is a set I made in Polyvore, these are pretty much what's inside my closet, nothing much has changed, I just grew taller! Hope you like my set. :)
What's Inside My Closet?

Pattern blouse

Boohoo denim dungaree
1,260 PHP - boohoo.com

Low profile sneaker
2,525 PHP - nike.com

The Cambridge Satchel Company backpack
10,750 PHP - shopbop.com

Cat watch
2,170 PHP - zazzle.com

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