Believe in Unicorns

2/27/2017 09:21:00 PM

Don't tell me that unicorns ain't real! They are. Well at least in my world. haha
I have always been fascinated with this mythical creature. I mean, who wouldn't? They're colorful, pretty and magical. Some of my hair color themes were even inspired by them.

This post is related to my entry for Unicorn Makeup Contest in Polyvore. I didn't know that they also hold contests for makeup. So yeah, I've tried and even matched my makeup picks with a photo of a model with pastel pink and blue hair that definitely looks like cotton candy to me. Ah, another favorite. :)

I would have to say my obsession with Polyvore is coming back to me now.
Hope you liked my set for today. 

Believe in Unicorns

Beauty product
350 PHP -

Kat von d eyeshadow
1,910 PHP -

Givenchy eyeshadow
1,305 PHP -

Devinah Cosmetics palette makeup
1,105 PHP -

Lime crime lipstick
1,405 PHP -

By Terry foundation
3,315 PHP -

Wall covering
905 PHP -

Oh and if you like this one, I would love to share my guest blog post for The Best Gift Finder - 30 Gift Ideas for Unicorn Lovers.

You'll find great items to give to your Unicorn Obsessed favorite person. Click the image down below to see the blog post I wrote.

Gift Ideas for Unicorn Lovers - The Best Gift Finder

- xx-

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