14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him, Her or Yourself

2/01/2017 07:32:00 AM

valentines day gift ideas

With just a couple of weeks left before Valentine's day, here is a list of gift ideas you can give to your S.O. or just for yourself. Showing self-love is not bad, yeah? You just might find what you're looking for from artsy to saccharine to sappy items that totally say ILY - no doubt.

1. Professional Bookworm At Work Art Print
     This art print is perfect for your bibliophile special someone to display on their home or workstation. Your gift will be much appreciated for sure. Buy it here.
Professional Bookworm at Work Framed Art Print

2. Pew Pew v2 Men's Shirt
     For your man who is a die-hard fan of Star Wars and the sound effects of storm troopers' laser blasters.  Buy it here.

Pew Pew v2 T-shirt

3. Headphone Stand with USB Ports
     It's a headphone stand that doubles as a USB hub. Who wouldn't be happy receiving this? And it's on sale! Buy it here.

headphone stand with USB ports

4. Milky Way Galaxy Leggings
     Galaxy-inspired printed leggings, perfect for yoga or running. Buy here.

Galaxy leggings typoeverything
5. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
     Pour in a hot beverage and the heart will turn red. As beverage cools, the heart goes back to low-life (mostly black). How cool is that? Buy it here.
heat changing mug.

6. Smartphone Projector
     Netflix and Chill won't be the same again with this handy smartphone beamer. I personally dig this one, it gives off a cool retro vibe to your movie date nights. Buy it here.

Smartphone Projector

7. Always Caturday Throw Pillow
     For cat lovers who loves to snuggle every Caturday. Available in different sizes and materials. Buy it here.

Always Caturday Pillow

8. Retro Series Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster
    This retro-inspired bun toaster and hot dog griller in one that definitely adds a statement to your kitchen. Snack time will never be the same again. Buy it here.
Give your loved ones a retro-style hot dog toaster that's a one-stop shop for wiener cookin' and bun toastin'.

9. If You Really Love Me Mug
    The mug that says it all. Drink your favorite beverage in this cool two-toned mug with a statement. Also available in different sizes and colors. Buy it here.


10. Heart-shaped Waffle Maker
    Have a hearty breakfast with this lovely waffle maker. Buy it here.


11. Mini Espresso Maker

    Drink espresso anytime, anywhere. No batteries/electricity needed, just add hot water and put pressure to level the grind. Perfect for caffeine lovers. Buy it here.
Wacaco Company MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

12. Stay Gold iPhone Case

    Protect and glam up your phone with this case available in both slim and tough case. Oh, and they are on sale right now, just in time for Valentine's day shopping! Buy it here.

Stay Gold iPhone & iPod Case


13. Date Night Bucket List
    A bucket list you can complete as a couple and you'll save time thinking of new date night ideas! Just don't forget to write the date when completed. Buy it here.

date night bucket list

14. Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit
    Can be hung from a wall or fence, or used as a living centerpiece, perfect for green thumbs. Buy it here.


Well, that's my list, what's your favorite? I hope you'd find something for your boyfriend/girlfriend and for yourself too. Just keep in mind to give something that would match the personality or the interest of your special someone and you will never feel gift hunting such a chore. Good luck and you're welcome. :)

Zazzle Made with Love

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