How To Wear Oversized Coats - Softie but Toughie

2/26/2017 06:35:00 PM

Today, I decided to open my old Polyvore account but realized that I have completely forgotten my login credentials. Yes, even the email I used to register my account. So, I created a new one - StickerDoll. No sweat. Lost all my followers so if you like my set here, you can follow me on my new account. :)

Before I created my "first set", I looked around, browsed trending outfits, etc and then I realized how I missed creating outfits here. It's like having my own closet full of clothes, shoes, make-ups and accessories, only that it's digital. ha!

So yeah. I saw that they have set contests for different categories, not really sure if I'll get something out of it but at least it will help me create my first set without getting crazy on picking the theme.

I am actually thinking of creating an entry every day and regularly posting it here since I have linked my blog to my Polyvore account.

What do you think of my set? Do you have a Polyvore account? Share your account in the comments section below and I'll follow you. :)

Softie but Toughie

Pink sweater

Tie belt
2,160 PHP -

Yves Saint Laurent skinny pants
150,010 PHP -

Dr. Martens leather shoes
6,020 PHP -

Topshop crossbody purse
1,565 PHP -

ASOS velvet choker
625 PHP -

Monki floppy hat
940 PHP -

425 PHP -

Tarte mineral makeup
1,005 PHP -

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