My Favorite Things

10/03/2016 03:37:00 AM

1. Breakfast. The waffle and coffee are from Rustic Mornings.
I highly recommend this shabby restaurant to have your hearty breakfast. They offer Filipino and American dishes that are very fulfilling to your tummy. Must-try: Waffle churros! 

waffle, coffee, rustic mornings, breakfast

2. My Cat Coffee. Yes, I named her after my favorite drink.
She's my adopted tortoise-shell persian cat that offers claw-free (thank God! Hihi) massage whenever I sit close to her.

coffee, cat, pet

3. Travels and Adventures. This is in the Philippines if you’re curious.
With good company, I'm all up for it! I kept a promise to myself that I will visit at least a place every year to expand my horizon.

travel, philippines, Villa Escudero

4. Mermaid hair. Here’s mine.  ❤
I've dyed my hair in every color imaginable and I cannot see myself stopping from it any time soon. Well at least maybe taking a break from bleaching. Here, I used Manic Panic Voodoo Blue and Purple Haze 

mermaid hair, dyed hair, alternative hair, manic panic

5. Art. I paint whenever I can.
A little trivia, I studied Bachelor of Fine Arts and majored in Advertising Arts in college in a Pontifical university in Manila. 😉
I rarely do this now because I'm quite busy at work. It's very hard to adult, you all know that!

artwork, watercolor

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite things.
What are yours? :)

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