Tattoo Tuesday

10/04/2016 12:23:00 AM

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Today, I want to share my tattoo and hopefully able to post some of the tattoo designs that I am currently obsessed at every Tuesday. I had this done on my, i think, 27th birthday? I'm not quite sure. But, I've had a lot of thinking before I finally decided to have my skin tattooed. The design is a sort of lace-like that I plan grow into full back piece.

Work in Progress

If you're thinking getting your skin tattooed, my advice is to do your research very well. Find a good artist that you can trust. Choose your design according to your personality. Know your pain tolerance. And never regret it. (Unless you really want to tattoo the name of that boy or girl your dating at the moment.) :P

My tattoo artist and friend.

By the way, if you're living in the Philippines and you want to get tattooed by the same artist who did mine. Here's the page of my artist and friend: Maren LacanilaoShe's got a long line of new and returning clients to prove her skills.


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