Sooper Beaute Haul + Review!

10/15/2016 10:37:00 PM

Today I will feature a Filipino brand that I discovered lately while window shopping in BeautyMNL, which is my current favorite online shop for make-up and skin care products. Anyway the brand I'm talking about is Sooper Beaute. 

According to their website, their products are 100% Filipino and are made with natural ingredients. These claims convinced me to try out their products. I have been using these for 2 months now and I think I have given enough time for the products to prove their claims.

Before I share my review, I'll give you an idea of my skin type. I have dry skin with morena complexion. I can say that my skin is clear but I have days when a pimple pops out of nowhere, especially during that time of the month. Uggh.

So, what did I purchase?

(Photo credits: Sooper Beaute FB page)

The Set Includes:

Skin Perfecting Night Tonic
Skin Beautifying Day Tonic
Skin Brightening Cream
Wonder Cream
Cell Renewal Cream
Kojic Papaya Soap

It retails at 977 php but I was able to purchase the set on sale at 725 php. What a deal!

Let's begin with the review.

Skin Perfecting Night Tonic

What it claims: An evening toner that addresses blemishes.

My thoughts:
♡ Smells like melon
♡ Absorbs make-up residues and dirt that my facial wash leaves
♡ My skin feels tight and clean after use
♡ It slowly lightened my dark spots
♡ Might sting your skin if you have break-outs
♡ Good for oily acne-prone skin

Regular price for a bottle: 280 php (60ml)
Will I re-purchase?  Yes

Skin Beautifying Day Tonic

What it claims: A powerful yet gentle anti-aging toner for daytime use.

My thoughts:
♡ Yes, for anti-aging!
♡ Light floral scent
♡ The pores in my nose area are now less prominent
♡ Contains Vitamin C so it helps lighten dark spots as well
♡ Does not make my skin dry

Regular price for a bottle: 280 php (60ml)
Will I re-purchase? Yes

Skin Brightening Cream

What it claims: A powerful lightening cream that inhibits melanin production.

My thoughts:
♡ Very gradual lightening effect
♡ Can be used on face, underarm and bikini area
♡ Adds a little moisture to my dry skin
♡ Gentle fresh fragrance
♡ Has SPF 15

Regular price for a pot: 180 php (10g)
Will I re-purchase? No

Wonder Cream

What it claims: A multi-tasking cream that blurs imperfections and keeps the skin fresh.

My thoughts:
♡ Has powdery finish
♡ Tinted and provides light coverage
♡ Emphasizes very dry patches on my skin 
♡ Hard to blend on dry skin, I mix it with serum to blend it evenly
♡ Has SPF 20

Regular price for a pot: 100 php (10g)
Will I re-purchase? No

Cell Renewal Cream

What it claims: An exfoliating cream that restores skin-radiance.

My thoughts:
♡ Gently exfoliates dead skin without too much shedding
♡ Helps to eliminate dark spots and promotes skin regeneration
♡ Skin looks radiant and fresh after use 
♡ Tightens and refines pores

Regular price for a pot: 180 php (10g)
Will I re-purchase? Yes

Kojic Papaya Soap

What it claims: A beauty bar that brightens skin, tightens pores, and targets blemishes.

My thoughts:
I have not tried the product yet because I am still using my current facial soap so I cannot give you a review on the product. :)

Regular price for a bar: 65 php (90g)
Will I re-purchase? TBD

Overall, I think they make good products specially designed for Filipina skin. In a span of 2 months of using these products, I noticed how my skin improved in terms of its texture and appearance. I rarely rarely (stressing the word as much as I can) had break-outs and if I did, it's almost gone after a couple of days. I also noticed that I did not have any dark spots whenever I get those pesky pimples. My favorites from the set are the toners - I like how they have night and day kinds. And also, the cell renewal cream - it does its job well for me.

Additional Item

Sooper Beaute So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy
(Photo credits: BeautyMNL)

So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy

What it claims: A double-duty color cream that can be used on the lips and cheeks.

My thoughts:
♡ Cheek and matte lippie in one!
♡ Provides soft matte finish
♡ Gives a MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade 
♡ Looks natural on cheeks
♡ A bit pricey for the size of the tube
♡ Light-weight feel on lips
♡ Does not last all day and a bit drying on the lips
♡ The smell might not be appealing to all

Regular price for a tube: 380 php (10ml)
Will I re-purchase? No

So yeah, there you have it. My first product review on my recent purchase. Hope I helped you get an idea of the Sooper Beaute products I've tried. Please note that the product may or may not work well on you because of skin type differences and many other factors.

Till next time.


Disclaimer: All reviews represent my opinion based on personal use and results.
At this time all products that I review are purchased by me. I do not receive any free products. On the rare occasion I receive a free or discounted item, I will disclose that in the individual blog post.
My opinion of a product will not change if I receive it for free or with a discount for reviewing it.

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